Find out all the correct laboratory values ​​with the docty app

 A number of people are considered to know the correct laboratory values ​​​​for all tests that are conducted in the laboratory, such as blood, sugar, protein and other important and necessary things that both the patient and the doctor must know, and there are many applications that display the correct laboratory values ​​until many applications do not  always reflect the correct laboratory values ​​or the size of the application is large and requires an Internet connection

Today we will talk about one of the wonderful applications that helps you to know all the correct laboratory values ​​so that you can diagnose the disease in the event that there is an increase or deficiency in any test in the laboratory such as blood, sugar, protein, electrolytes and many other correct natural clinical values. It is a docty application

Docty Application 
This application presents all information related to diagnostic tests in an easy and simplified way through an application that has work with advanced software to help refresh the memory of both doctors and teachers, as well as they can inform patients of all normal values ​​so that they can be assured of their health at all times

Pros of the application
The application contains all important laboratory values ​​and does not exclude any laboratory values

You can get the application for free by downloading it from the store, and you do not have to pay any amount of money or additional fees

This application is a good opportunity for all students, professors, and patients to know the natural values, save them, and keep abreast of them

 The application does not need an internet connection and its size does not exceed 5 megabytes, so it will not be on the device, in addition to the possibility of using it even if the Internet is interrupted

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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