Connect to any network you want to have via this Wi-Fi QR code generator app

 Devices such as Xiaomi and Huawei are distinguished by the presence of the feature of displaying the graphic code that can be photographed directly from the mobile phone to obtain the network and the distinguished password that is within the scope of the mobile search. Many devices, especially the old ones, do not have this feature, and thus a person cannot connect to the Internet directly until after  typing the network name and password, which consumes a lot of time

Today we will talk about one of the wonderful applications that help you put all the codes related to networks in front of you so that you can connect to them directly after you photograph them and scan the screen via the Wi-Fi QR code generator application, the application that is characterized by the presence of software that is able to provide the password and the router code and all things attached to it in the form of code

Wi-Fi QR code generator
This application displays all the networks on your device and within the scope of the search that you have previously connected to in the form of a QR code so that other people can obtain the password and the network and connect to it directly without telling them the name of the network and the password and disturbing them with that and with this application you will be able to reach a network  Wi-Fi directly and quickly without any disturbance or problems

Pros of the application
You can get the application for free without paying any amount of money, additional fees, or subscriptions

The application is characterized by a very low size, as it does not occupy any space, and now you don't have to delete any application in order to be able to download it

 The way the application works is simple and easy. All you have to do is open the application and scan the network code, then you will connect to the network, and both the network name and password will be saved within your device

 Encircle with a simple interface, easy to use, devoid of any complexity

 This application offers the safest way to connect to the Internet, in addition to being guaranteed, because it is impossible for any error to occur by typing the password in the traditional mode, for example

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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