Enjoy the game of escaping from the prison by solving the puzzles

 Some people are interested in having a good time through some beautiful games on the mobile, but these games are not widely available, because the fun games are often large in size, while the games are small in size, so they are often boring and without purpose or value and do not help in enjoying the time

Today we will present to you one of the best games that help you enjoy your time and get great fun, excitement and suspense because the game talks about escaping from prison by solving some puzzles

Prison Escape puzzle Adventure
It is one of the easy, beautiful and wonderful games, and in it you will be able to escape from prison step by step from the easy stages to the difficult stages, and your mission will start by escaping from an easy wing in the prison, and then you will have to escape from the warehouse and storage room, and then you have to escape from the interconnected blocks and cells in the prison, then you have to escape  with a high level of security, and finally you have to escape from a two-storey building and several floors and sections with very high security, and so the game will be at an increasing level of difficulty until you finally reach the last goal, which is to get out of prison safely

Game attributes
Prison Escape puzzle Adventure game has many advantages, such as
You can get the game for free without paying any money

The game has amazing graphics with 3D images and creativity in graphic design

The game is suitable for different levels of play،there are easy levels and there are difficult levels

The game has an easy, simple and distinctive interface that is devoid of any complexity, and the size of the game is light and simple and does not affect the device ,the game also enjoys the fact that it works without an Internet connection

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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