Dental x-ray imaging using the X-Ray Mobile application

 Dentists obtain distinctive radiographs that help them discover all diseases present in the teeth, whether they are in the structure of the molar and even in the connective tissue that is located below the molar
 Adults with 32 teeth, each of these teeth can be exposed to caries and chronic diseases

Today's application is directed to dentists who are looking for the best technical method and software to help them access images of decayed teeth easily and without any cost or effort by obtaining the most beautiful and best x-ray images to know and investigate diseases.

X-Ray Mobile
It is this wonderful and distinguished application that helps all dentists to access the radiograph and know the location of the caries that affects one of the teeth, and then the doctor will be able to identify the problem and get rid of it, whether it is within the connective tissue and therefore he has to remove the nerve or even if it is in the tooth only which means that he will dig and then get rid of the problem completely

Application features
There are many advantages in the application, including
You can get the application from the store for free without paying any amount of money, fees or subscriptions

The application can be linked to all smart electronic devices, such as a smart screen, tablet, mobile phone, or even a dental imaging device, which makes displaying images easy for the patient and even for the doctor

The size of the application is suitable for all devices, as it is the best application for dentists who do not have space on their device

The application benefits all academic degrees, whether it is a student or a professor, as all people benefit from this application because it supports all devices that run on the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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