Router Chef application to control all router settings

 Many people seek to control all the settings in the router that he owns at home
 Some people may seek to change the password because a stranger has known the password and wants to access the Internet through his router
Therefore, the person wants to change the secret code so that the thief gets out of  connect to its router

Today, we will bring you an application that helps you control all the settings related to the router in the house without having to go to the classic website and provide the user name and password, where the Router Chef application will provide all the services that you want related to the connection, the router and its settings, depending on the electronic software

Router Chef
The application that prepares all the settings related to the router and provides you with all the available options until you change the router what you want
 You can change its name and password
 You can also change a set of settings related to privacy in terms of hiding or showing the network and many other important settings within the application

Pros of the application
This application is one of the few software applications that support the Arabic language

This application can tell you about the devices connected to your network, and it can also determine the number of connected devices, as it puts a certain number and does not allow it to be exceeded
 It is also possible to control the speed of the Internet and the signal strength provided by the router

This application offers a suitable solution for people who do not know much about technology because it offers simple, easy and suitable solutions for all groups of society and for all levels

You can download this application for free and without any additional fees or amounts, and the application is suitable for all devices that run on the Android system

The size of this application is small and it is free of ads, so there is no annoying advertisement when you use it

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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