Learn all differential diagnoses, diseases and medications with the Sanford Guide app

 Many students and patients are interested in knowing the therapeutic hierarchy used in dealing with various diseases, so the student seeks to know the disease, its beginning, and the possible differential diagnosis

  In addition, he likes to know the causes that led to the disease and the various pathogens, and then he likes to know how the disease occurred and the physiological mechanism that led to its occurrence, and then he wants to know how to treat it and know the most appropriate medicine, its uses and its side effects, and what are the appropriate doses that must be taken in order to protect the patient from any problem related to disease or medication

And because we are in the time of software and modern technical development, we have a number of applications that help to know diseases, diagnose them, and the pathogens that cause them, in addition to knowing the best appropriate treatments, and we can also know the medicines, their treatment, and the percentage that the patient should take and its quantity through the Sanford Guide application

Sanford Guide
This application presents a comprehensive series of medical and therapeutic clinical diagnosis, because it is able to present a group of diseases and clinical conditions in addition to suggesting the pathological mechanisms that cause the disease, and then it provides a set of drug treatments and tells you all the problems related to a particular drug and also teaches you the amount to be taken of the drug and what are the side effects and what are the cases that appear in increasing the dose

Pros of the application
 This application is free, but when you want to download it and use the information contained within it, you need a subscription in order to get all the information

The size of the application is good and suitable for devices and does not require a large amount of space

This application enjoys a wide comprehensiveness of the entire medical process and the different pathological process, as it explains the two clinical conditions from its inception, with the presence of pathogenic factors and the mechanism of diseases, and provides treatment and detailed explanation of medicine, vaccines, and others

This baby assembly is suitable for devices that operate on the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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