Learn to cook professionally with this offline app

 Food is the basis of life, so who among us does not like to eat, especially delicious foods with a delicious appearance, and usually when we see these foods we wish how to prepare them, so we do not need to worry, we have directed our attention today to cooking, as we will present in this article an application that helps you prepare the most delicious and best oriental dishes and the pastries that your heart desires, so please continue reading the article to provide you with the rest of the details

App Idea
This application offers the best and smartest recipes taken from the most skilled Arab chefs, through which you can professionally prepare food of all kinds, and you can also open the application without the Internet

Application features
You can share the recipes you like on various social networking sites

You can use it even when you do not have an internet connection

 This application contains graphics and explanations with very high accuracy

You do not need to pay any fees, as it is a free application

You can put the recipes that you liked in your favorite list

The user interface is easy and simple, as its content is in Arabic, so you do not find it difficult to deal with it

You do not need a large space to download it, as it is a small application and can be carried on all types of devices

this application uses the modern technology and work with the newest version of software

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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