Drug-Drug & Drug-Food Interact app

 What are pharmacological interventions
Drug interactions are a number of interactions that occur in the body in which one drug inhibits another

 Where medicines work in a complementary manner on changes in the body until the person gets rid of the disease that he suffers from, but sometimes a number of problems occur when more than one drug is taken at the same time, so one of the drugs inhibits the other or increases its effectiveness, which makes us face many medical and physiological problems

In today's article, we will talk about one of the applications that teaches a lot of students and pharmacists about medicines that interfere with each other
 In addition to the interference of medicines with the food that we eat on a daily basis without feeling that it affects our body and our health

Drug-Drug & Drug-Food Interact app
The software worked on forming this application, which is considered a distinct and very useful educational tool so that doctors and pharmacists do not fall into the confusion of taking a number of medicines together

Advantages of the application
This application explains all the interfering drug interactions, as it summarizes them in one table, through which you can learn all these interactions

This application also explains all the interactions between foods and medicines

This application is free, as you can download it directly from the store without paying any money or fees

 The size of this application is not huge, it is suitable for all devices, and you can carry it easily without having to delete any other application

 Visiting a doctor is obligatory for you in the event that you are taking more than one medication, but this application is an educational hand, not a medical diagnostic one

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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