Learn more about important drugs with the Drugs & Drugs app

 Students of the faculties of pharmacy and human medicine are interested in knowing a lot about medicines, because they are directly concerned with these medicines, especially when they prescribe them to the patient in front of them, and the patient always needs to know the types of medicine he takes and to have a degree of culture that enables him to know the appropriate doses, side effects and problems related to overdose and to other things related to medicine

Today, we will offer you one of the distinguished applications to help you know all the important things in medicine and medical prescriptions, so there is no longer any patient who does not read medicine or does not care about it, thanks to the presence of many applications that work with modern technologies and artificial intelligence, which authorized the doctor and the patient alike to know how dealing with medication and its different doses, and you will find all these things in the Drugs & Drugs application

Drugs & Drugs
This application is considered the electronic version of the Book of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Properties, and it is used as a small reference that is placed in the pocket at the University of Alberta in Canada so that students can access drug information quickly and at the appropriate moment, as this application is characterized by the ease of searching in it and finding the medicine you want in an easy and simple way

Pros of the application
The application is used to solve problems related to drug doses and important pharmaceuticals, so this application presents common medicines

This application presents many side effects of medicines, as the patient indicates the correct dose and the dental dose, and the application puts the international drug names as a kind of education for the patient and the docto

 This application helps to create important notes and save these notes in favorites in case you return to some important information

This application is classified as free, so there are no sums or financial fees in it, and its size is suitable for devices running the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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