Attend and manage meetings successfully with the Google meet app

 Today, in our article, we will talk about one of the important applications in meetings
 This application has gained a great deal of fame, which made it the focus of attention for all companies, so that their meetings can be held at home, especially during the quarantine period when epidemics and others

Companies need to conduct a lot of remote meetings, especially if they are multinational companies and are located in more than one country and are forced to hold online meetings in order to communicate with the company's management in another country, and therefore we will mention to you one of the applications that helps in preparing and holding these meetings via the Internet with all , it's the Google meet app

Google meet
Artificial intelligence provided the opportunity for companies to hold meetings remotely and in different countries, as these meetings develop the work in addition to their ability to refresh the employee’s memory and alert him to many tasks that he must do, as the Google Dead application works thanks to modern technologies that allowed him to hold conversations in countries

Application features
This application allows speakers to exceed 100 people per call

 This application allows you to share the desktop or to choose a specific application and share it with the speakers with you on the Google Meet application

 This application is free of annoying ads, and there are many tools to help with communication and its quality, such as a microphone and camera

 The application is considered free and there are no amounts, fees, or subscriptions that you must pay in addition to that the application facilitates conversation between different countries, but it requires fast internet

Managing a successful meeting
First you have to go to the link
 then you have to join or start a new meeting

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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