Get to know all the important things in the ninth grade with a ninth application

 Many parents and students in the ninth grade of middle school are interested in knowing all the important subjects and things required so that they can pass the examination assigned to them at the end of the year, as the general examination for the ninth grade is unified and includes all the different Syrian governorates

Therefore, and because of the great interest of students and parents in the ninth grade, we will bring you an application that is distinguished by explaining all matters related to materials, things and important information related to the ninth grade through a ninth application that works with artificial intelligence and modern software

Ninth application
The ninth application offers many important educational videos directed to third year middle school students so that they can understand all the subjects that are in their curricula
 The application has been prepared by a group of specialized professors in many fields, where each of these specialized professors lists the information and explains it in detail  and beautiful through a number of videos that are included in the application, which helps all students in understanding the subject

Pros of the application
This application is based on the Syrian curriculum for the ninth grade of middle school and is considered reliable and contains confirmed information from specialized teachers

 The videos within the application are of high accuracy and include all the important ideas and information found in the curriculum

The application does not need to connect to the Internet, and this helps the student to use it at the time he wants

There is a section within the application that is concerned with conducting automated tests that help the student to test his information and ensure that he memorizes the material well

It is not considered a ninth application from the free applications, but it is a paid application, but the amount that you must pay is not considered a large amount, as it is definitely less than private lessons

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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