ECG Notes app for learning electrocardiograms

 When medical students learn heart diseases, they will often have to deal with the electrocardiogram, which is one of the distinguished medical investigations that reflects the health and physiological state of the heart produced and then displayed on millimetric paper

There is a normal cardiogram that is considered the reference for all students so that they can look at the healthy physiological state of the heart, but when any elements of these charts differ, this means that the patient suffers from a problem related to electrical conduction within the heart, which poses a great danger to his life
Therefore, every student and every doctor must specialize in the field of cardiology, he should have the ECG notes application, which is an application that is able to read all cases and teach students various pathological and normal electrical diagrams so that they can easily read all the diagrams in practical life

ECG Notes
The application is considered one of the products of artificial intelligence that invaded the world in the past period, so there is no longer any field except that it was visited by one of the products of artificial intelligence

 In the field of medicine, we sought applications such as the ECG Notes application due to its high ability and the effort expended in it to explain normal and pathological electrocardiograms, which it makes the student able at the end of his work on the application to detect all diseases related to the heart rhythm

 The ECG application also enjoys in the latest versions the addition of clinical cases that affect the patient, as it is useful in mentioning the group of medicines that the patient must take in appropriate doses

Application features
Within the application, there are more than 125 cardiac schematics, between healthy schematics or sick schematics, and all these schematics benefit the student in knowing the sick condition from the healthy one

The application is not limited to mentioning cases of arrhythmia, but also extends to various clinical cases related to the cardiovascular system

The application also includes different clinical cases related to other pathological matters other than electrical in origin, and helps the specialist doctor to deal with various pathological conditions that require different drug prescriptions

The application is devoid of annoying ads to enjoy an ideal learning experience, and the application does not need to connect to the Internet

The application included more updates related to cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid cases that affect the heart system, as it became possible for all people to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid through the application

The application is not free, but requires you to pay some fees after the end of the free trial period

Download the application
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