Phonograph Music Player App

 If you want to use a unique music player that is better than the one you usually use, please complete the article, as you will find in it one of the most important and best music applications of this year, which is the Phonograph application

Phonograph Application
It is an application that plays the music you have, as this application enables you to combine and modify the music as you want, and you can also choose the theme in the color and design that you like to change the interface of the application

Application features
This application has many features, namely
 You can play music even if the screen is locked

This application enables you to play different types of music

You can change the application interface as you want

 This application is characterized by the feature of merging and modifying music

You can write in it by changing the album title and the name of the song

 You do not need any fees to use it, as it is completely free

Through it, you can set and modify your phone’s ringtone

 Through it, you can arrange the music and put it in different albums

Application information
This application is light and does not occupy much space on the device, and you will not have to delete any other application in order to be able to download it

This application will not affect the battery of the device and it has not been consumed from charging throughout the day

This application supports all devices running the modern Android system

Always stay informed until you get the latest versions of the application because this application puts many modern and new things that you can get when it is updated continuously

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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