Sudoku Game

 If you are one of the people who love mental games and who always do mental and intellectual work and love to solve puzzles and crossword puzzles, then today you are in the right article that will present to you the game that you will love greatly because it is one of the best games that stimulate the mind and work on a lot of strategies that connect you  to win in the end, as this game consists of a board and a number of squares, very similar to reality, It is a Sudoku game

Sudoku Game 
The Sudoku game is one of the famous games played by many people, especially in East Asia, especially in Japan, knowing that this game was founded in the United States of America by architect Howard Gasner, where winning in this game requires a great deal of skills in mathematics and quick wit

 And the ability to focus, as there are many squares in this game that are arranged in tables, each table consists of 81 squares, and these squares are filled with numbers, so each small table is three boxes in width and three boxes in length, so we will get nine squares that must be filled in with numbers from one to nine so that this game can develop your mental abilities and your mathematical skills in arithmetic, and this game is considered wonderful and suitable for all levels, because we have a number of levels where there is a difficult, easy, and medium level in addition to an expert level, whose solution is very difficult, and if you find the game very difficult, there is some help such as hints and aids that help you solve this game.

Game pluses

 In the application, there are many daily challenges that you must succeed in order to get the prizes

 The application contains many beautiful backgrounds that you can switch between so that you can enjoy while playing

 The game contains a set of daily challenges, by completing which you can get a lot of rewards

This game is free and there are no amounts or fees that you have to pay in order to download this game

 This game has a low size, so there is no problem in downloading it, and you will not have to delete any other application, especially since the game cannot cause any problem to the device, as it is built on the basis of modern software that is suitable for all devices 

Download the application
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