Pharmacy Quiz Pharmacy Exam

 Medicines are considered the last link in the chain of diagnosis and medical treatment that the doctor performs and supervises the patient from the moment the symptoms begin to appear until the moment he recovers, as this doctor must be experienced and know a lot about medicines, so the need necessitated that the doctor be well aware of the medicines  
Also, the pharmacist must have this amount of knowledge so that he can classify the drugs well, and today we will talk about a wonderful and distinguished application that helps in the classification of drugs in a large way and teaches you how to deal with these drugs and know the varieties and groups
There is also an exam in the application that asks you about a lot of Questions about these medicines, and then you can learn these medicines well, distinctly, and wonderfully
It is the application of Pharmacy Quiz Pharmacy Exam

 Pharmacy Quiz Pharmacy Exam
 This application is characterized by its high ability to classify medicines well, as it is characterized by the presence of many tests, and perhaps this feature is the most prominent and the best that helps students memorize many names of medicines and groups and link each medicine with the disease that it treats, and the application has an important role in helping to know a lot of diseases, their diagnosis, and linking them to the treatment and medication that suits them, because this application is based on software and artificial intelligence, which merged these technologies with medical and pharmaceutical sciences, and this matter led to obtaining the distinguished application of the day that we are talking about

 Application features
 The application is free and can be used without any additional fees or charges

 The size of the application is perfect and suitable for all devices, as it works on all devices that support the Android system

 This application is a medical reference that many people can benefit from, such as doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, as this application provides all kinds of medicines with a test every period until your memory is active and your memory refreshes so that you become proficient in all these medicines

Download the application
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