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 The application that we will talk about today is considered one of the most unique and important applications, as it will introduce you to the muscles of your body
Today's article is suitable for you in the event that you are a student in a medical college and want to learn about your skeletal system, in particular your muscles
 Our wonderful application today is: ANATOMY Muscle & Motion

ANATOMY Muscle & Motion
This application shows you 3D videos in a unique and simple way to learn muscle anatomy

Application contents
 All the muscles contained in the human body

The place from which the muscle begins and the place where its movement is exercised on it, that is, simply the anchor and origin of each muscle

Show the functions of all the muscles of the body as well as other muscle groups

It teaches you how to move each muscle through several illustrative animations, photos and videos

It shows you a three-dimensional anatomy of your skeletal system, with its muscular and skeletal sections, as well as mentioning the joints

The application includes four basic sections, which are as follows

Three-dimensional section for all muscles of the body
It enables you to know all the muscle movements and details of the movements through video clips, and also these clips contain the various parts of your skeletal system, whether large or small, meaning that it contains muscles, small bones and joints

3D section of your skeletal system
It shows you three-dimensional images showing all the bony sections as well as the small bones, as this section is characterized by showing the link of these bones with the muscles that cover them

Section for the movement of your 3D skeletal device
It displays all the movements performed by any joint of the body and at all anatomical levels, inclined, arrow and horizontal, where it identifies the muscle and then gives you the different movements, i.e. (flexion, adduction, abduction, pronation, supination, rotation and turning)

Three-Dimensional Energy Mechanisms
It presents you with the idea of ​​aerobic and anaerobic sugar metabolism and the amount of their effect on each muscle. It also reviews the energy science that supplies the muscles with the necessary energy molecules

Application features
 All types of devices can download this application and it is not limited to a specific type (Android Mobile / Tablet, iPad / iPhone, PC, MAC)

 It is characterized by ease and simplicity of use, that is, you can move inside it quickly and easily

There are more than 2000 high-quality videos in this application, it is an amazing educational application that is very effective because it uses 3D graphics that make the idea clear and close to the mind

You do not have to pay any additional fees to download the application, as it is free, and it does not cause any damage to your device when downloading it

 It has a medium size, so you can download it easily

To obtain the application through the following link click here

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