Float Tube Pro Application

You can watch any YouTube video in a window that
 appears on your phone with the Float Tube Pro application

The most common thing that people want to find and search for is to play YouTube videos in the background of the mobile phone, because we all want to have this unique and distinct way that enables us to play these clips on top of any other application that we want such as: WhatsApp, the gallery, or Facebook

Today's article offers you the solution, which is the Float Tube Pro application
In this article, we will provide you information about the application, how to use it, and download a hacked version of it

Float Tube Pro app
It is one of the most unique applications, as it enables you to watch Tube Floating windows, which makes you feel fun and entertained, so it will not prevent you from practicing the rest of your activities on your mobile device anymore

Application features

 It does not require any fees, it is a free application, and it can be downloaded on any version of Android devices

Ads appear in the application, but they are not annoying to the user You can hide and control them as you want, simply

This application is easy to use, you can simply play YouTube videos through a window that appears above other applications

 You can move and resize the pop-up screen as well as zoom in and out as you want

You can go back to the video in its original size on YouTube by double clicking on the popup

 The application is characterized by a medium size, as it does not cause much battery consumption, and is compatible with Android 7.0 and all recent versions

To download the application
You can download the application through the following link click here

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