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Today, we will bring your memory back to an old past when you did not have any worries and all you wanted was to play on the computer, and enjoy your time with many games

 And the game you loved to play the most among the strategy games is the general game, the game in which you can fight many of the world's powerful armies using a powerful global army that you can control

 Today, this game is available on Android devices and on mobile phones, which will make access to this game available, easy, simple, and possible. Therefore, you can now download this application, play this game, and relive your old childhood days. It is the general application

The general
This game is considered one of the most beautiful strategic games that there was no equal in history, as it was based on software and artificial intelligence and combined it with military strategic plans that formed for us a wonderful and distinct game that you can play with friends or with the device so that you can change the history of nations when you win  and while you play with the army that represents it, you can be the best general in the history of this game and the best one who undertook military missions and combat campaigns with tanks and planes

Application features

This game is a fun and wonderful game through which you can play many strategies and alliances and carry out attacks on enemies so that you can win and benefit from the military forces that you possess

This game allows you many options when you play, so you can play with the device or more than one virtual player, you can also play with friends, or you can even play on the Internet, which will allow you to occupy high positions in the world

There are more than 120 players that you can compete with within a round

 There are a lot of wonderful and distinctive maps, and there are a lot of plans, technological strategies, and various military equipment, such as planes, tanks, and missiles

There is more than one military doctrine that represents many nations and armies, such as the western armies represented by the United States Army and the European armies
 There are also eastern armies represented by China

There are weapons of mass destruction such as chemical weapons and nuclear weapons in this game

This game is considered one of the most enjoyable games that always refresh your memory and put it in the best condition that allows you to perform many useful mental operations

Download the application
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