Elevate Brain Training application

 Have you ever thought about evaluating your intelligence and finding out your ability to deal with complex mental matters that require a lot of intelligence in order to be solved

 We are talking about a unique and wonderful application that will develop your skills, develop your intelligence, and give you the ability to develop your capabilities, and then you can know the level you have reached and test yourself

We are talking about the Elevate - Brain Training application

Elevate - Brain Training application
This application is considered an application that trains the brain, through many mental exercises that develop cognitive and linguistic skills, as the application contains more than 35 games that help develop the intellectual path that a person possesses, and this matter will help in developing your mental abilities, as this application was built on  the basis of technology and software science, which has been linked to neuroscience

This application works to develop skills in mathematics in addition to communication skills such as speaking and listening

This application is useful in improving written skills and cultures, which makes your information better and your learning abilities higher, refines your personality and makes you a better speaker

 This application also offers a number of distinguished, wonderful and entertaining games that develop your skills in  the same time

This application is available on Android and iPhone devices, as the application supports both of these two systems, so it will not be difficult for you to obtain the application regardless of the device you own

 If you want to evaluate your intelligence just do this Test click here 

Then you can test and evaluate your intelligence and meet the international standards of intelligence
A simple definition of global intelligence standards

If your intelligence is less than 25% your level of intelligence in this case is weak

From 25% to 40%: We have a limited degree of intelligence here

From 40% to 55%, here you have the lower limits of intelligence

From 55% to 70%: normal and moderate

From 70% to 80%: You have a high degree of intelligence

From 80% to 90%: Genius

From 90% to 100%: a very rare degree

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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