100 Essential Drugs app

 When the doctor examines the patient, diagnoses him, and informs him of the disease he suffers from, after asking him for many tests and x-rays, the doctor must give the patient a medicine so that he can rid the patient of the problem that he suffers from

 Every doctor must be aware of many existing medicines  In the world, which deals with common and special medical conditions, so if you are a medical student or a doctor, today's article will interest you because we will mention a very important application that contains a good number of medicines, so you know through it many medicines that number up to a hundred

 It is an application of 100 Essential Drugs

100 Essential Drugs app
This application displays 100 medicines, which are considered the most important 100 medicines in the world, as these medicines solve many common and private problems as it is considered a comprehensive application for all important medicines

 This application is also distinguished by its ability to collect them within easy-to-use tables, as there are many medicines in the world, and it is difficult to find an application that brings these medicines together

 Therefore, this application worked, thanks to technical software, to collect these medicines in one place  So that the learner can get the best drug information

Advantages of the application
This application is free and important, as you can use it as a reference for all important medicines that you want to obtain or learn

This application teaches the community a lot about medicines, enriches their general information, and raises the medical cultural level to a higher degree than it was

This application also helps the medical sector by being close to important clinical cases, which will raise the level of the student who is learning through this application

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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