Biodigital Human 3D Anatomy

 Despite the technical development and the information revolution, and the presence of many tools that help many students to learn medical subjects, many of the subjects still constitute an obstacle in front of students during the learning process, so we find that software, modern technologies and artificial intelligence have created a large number of applications that help in studying a lot  of the sciences, but anatomy remains the greatest concern of many human medicine students who cannot always imagine the correct anatomical location of some organs, which requires for them to search for other tools that help them in the learning process, so we will help these students by talking about the BioDigital Human application that makes  Medical concepts appear easier and simpler and increase their ability to learn a lot about anatomy and important anatomical findings

BioDigital Human
This application benefits you in many things, the most important of which is that it makes your dealings with anatomy, which is considered one of the most difficult subjects that a medical student studies in his educational career, much simpler than it was previously, as the student used to repeat the anatomical information until he memorized it, and in many cases it was not  understands the information that he repeats, because it is difficult for him to imagine the assets in a three-dimensional form by reading some lines

 Therefore, this application will provide many features and important experiences that help this student in understanding anatomy in a simple and easy way, and makes him able to deal with various anatomical information in a comfortable way

  With great benefit to the medical sector, which will enrich the information of the staff who works with it, as this application provides many important and anatomically distinct models, which number up to 700 three-dimensional anatomical models that help in understanding many anatomical ideas and learning them quickly, as this application serves a large number of  specialties such as gynecology, surgeries, patriots, dentistry, otolaryngology, and many other important specialties, thanks to the wonderful software technology that integrates science and technology  They come with medical science and provide us with a wonderful application that makes us overcome all problems in the learning process

Application features
The anatomical images in this application are three-dimensional images, and as we mentioned, as there are more than 600 anatomical models in the application, and this application can present these models in eight different languages, which increases the spread of this application around the world

 In the application there is a period of free use, after which you must subscribe to the application so that you can benefit from the wonderful features that increase the number of anatomical models you have much more than what you see in the free version

The application works on Android devices easily and does not cause any problems, and its size is acceptable

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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