Ehistolab-Histology Slides

 Knowing the types of cells and distinguishing them among the many tissue patterns that you must know is a very difficult matter for many human medicine students, as these students suffer from many problems in memorizing the tissue forms that belong to each organ alone, and this is something that has always been  an obstacle in the face of the development of these students in a way that allows them to acquire many experiences and reach a high level of advanced medical knowledge

 Although there are many lectures that help to understand and study histology, the pictures in these books do not help to know much about the science of histology because these images are not accurate and of high quality, like the images in the application that we will talk about today, which is considered one of the distinguished and wonderful applications that are the product of the work of modern software and artificial intelligence

 We are talking about the application of Ehistolab - Histology Slides 

Ehistolab - Histology Slides 
This application is designed so that the student can identify all the tissue cells in the body, whether these cells are healthy or diseased, and this matter will help in investigating many diseases and problems that exist in the human body without knowing the healthy cells, so he cannot identify the diseased cells and tissue

In this application there are a lot of preparations that relate to a large number of tissues such as digestive tissue, pulmonary, vascular heart, glandular tissue, genitourinary tissue and many other tissues, as this application contains a lot of pictures, drawings and videos that help explain a lot of tissues and the student can through this application should be distinguished in histology, which will help in its development in the rest of the other specialties, because histology is the beginning from which the student will start to shine in the rest of the medical sciences

The application has many advantages
First, the application is free and you can download it without paying any amounts or additional fees

Secondly, the size of this application is perfect and fits all devices running the Android system

Thirdly, this application is considered a reference for many students so that they can identify many important anatomical and histological records 

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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