Recognize the most important features in your smart phone

With the progress of time, there have become many distinguished electronic devices that we do not know much about what is in them, as the devices enjoy a lot of technology and modern development, thanks to software science, which helps in reaching an easier and simpler life
For example, we can talk on the mobile phone, which is the best device ever invented  in the twentieth century, which is still developing in the twenty-first century, until it reached a great and wonderful device that works by touch and can respond to all voice commands
 It is also possible to create a great link between people and a wide communication network that is useful in connecting societies with each other, but with that, many people still  they do not know much about their devices, and they are ignorant of some of the important features that are inside it

 There are many wonderful features that you did not know about before, and today you will get to know them when you continue reading this article

There are three characteristics that people do not know much, which are

First, there is an infrared feature that helps greatly in controlling smart home appliances at home

Secondly, there is a wonderful service provided by the mobile phone by preventing any annoying calls that will try to contact you through the Do Not Disturb mode

As for the third feature that people do not know much about, it is the NFC feature
Now we will separate each one of them separately

Infrared: Infrared radiation is one of the great features created by modern advanced software, which helps greatly in controlling all your smart home devices, and this matter will greatly help in controlling your home and getting a smart home

Do Not Disturb Mode: It is a mode in which the device is silent and no contact can disturb you at any possible time. It also keeps the mobile screen working, and this matter differs from the flight mode that permanently cuts off your connection to the network and prevents any connection from being directed to your device

Finally, we will talk about  The NFC feature is a means through which you can communicate with nearby devices and exchange with them a lot of important information and ideas about a number of important things that surround you together

In conclusion, we will talk about an application that helps you maintain your device, which may break down often, and you do not know what is the best way to fix it, and now this application will find the solution that will help repair your mobile device, and you will not find any problem in dealing with it.

 All the problems that may affect your device, and you will be able to solve this problem easily and simply without having to go to a lot of store

 You are now able to know the problem easily, all of this and more through the mobile maintenance application

Download the application
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