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 The game that most stimulates the mind and makes it in a state of permanent and continuous work is the game of chess, which is considered one of the most enjoyable strategic games, which requires a high degree of intelligence and sophistication and to be aware of a lot of plans and strategies that you can implement within this game and since this game is popular  It is spacious and there are a lot of people who like to play with it

 Today we will talk about a unique application that simulates the game of chess in the virtual world, where modern software and technologies have helped to invent and manufacture a number of electronic games that are similar to a number of traditional games, and chess is one of these games, and today we will talk about an application that simulates this game that  it is characterized by the finest chess boards and real tables, which are not much different from the real board, as it consists of 64 squares of two colors black and white, and there are 32 pawns 16 for you and 16 for your opponent

You can move your pawns how you want, as this game is based on moving the pawns and trying to reach  your opponent's areas until you besiege the king that the opponent is playing with, and when you besiege him and eliminate him, you will have officially won this game, meaning that it is completely similar to reality and the global game that is spread all over the world, and the date of its origin and beginning is still unknown, as many people attribute it to the Chinese and others attribute it to the Afghans  but there is no real evidence of the genesis of this game

Application features
You can play this game alone against the device and also you can play with other player on one device

You can play against your friends online and invite them to play a match between you

This application is free

 There are no additional charges, you can download and enjoy this game for free

The game has beautiful graphics, simple and easy to use interface, and great sound effects

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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