Pharmacology Mnemonics

 If you are a student in the Faculty of Pharmacy or even in the faculties of Medicine or Dentistry, the application that we will mention today will be an important and useful application for you because it is an application that talks about many important pharmaceutical classes that it explains and elaborates on, explaining many pharmacokinetics ،and the drug effects in the body

 It's a Pharmacology Mnemonics app

Pharmacology Mnemonics
This application works on a correct scientific basis as it collects drug information from many international references and then provides it in this application, as the medical sector has recently benefited from modern software and technologies that have added many medical applications and a lot of benefit and help in solving all medical problems

 By downloading this application and reviewing many medicinal products, whether you are a student in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy, you will be able to have a point of view and vision related to each drug class that you have read, because you will learn about its effectiveness, indications, side effects, and even cases that should not take these medicines in them, which are known as contra-indications, in addition to that this application is organized as it classifies the medicines according to the areas of influence of each drug in the different organs, there are medicines for the nervous system and medicines for the digestive system, and there are medicines for the respiratory system and blood diseases and for internal diseases, and there are also medicines for surgeons, and the most important thing that distinguishes this application from other applications that talk about medicines is the presence of a lot of caricatures and expressive cartoon explanations of many types of medicine, which is a modern and good way that helps to refresh memory and provide content  medicinal and useful

Application features
The app is free

The application is suitable for all devices, and its size is appropriate and does not take up much space on the device

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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