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The technology of three-dimensional images is one of the most prominent things that accompanied modern technological developments and contemporary software science, which contained a lot of development, and among these things, the conversion of two-dimensional images to three-dimensional took a large space in this field because the conversion of two-dimensional images to three-dimensional needs a major technical revolution, so we will talk about an application that performs this conversion and transfer from dimensional images to 3D, It is 3D scanner pro

  The application that converts any two-dimensional drawing into a real three-dimensional object that helps develop imagination and thought, especially for children, in addition to help in study, focus and refresh memory, by creating a number of three-dimensional figures that are taught by students such as engineering students, where all you have to do is to operate your device as if it were a scanning device, and it scans the pages and makes them three-dimensional, useful for studying

Pros of the application

 This application is considered one of the most accurate and effective applications, as it works on professional 3D imaging, so it is considered an ideal application

This application provides scientific benefits that explain many different sciences

 This application is suitable and small in size and works on all versions of Android

 It is true that this application is not free, but it offers great benefits and is worth paying for

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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