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 If you love backgammon, you don't need to own a backgammon now because the game is now available on mobile

 In today's article, we will talk about an important game that has many people who love it, in addition to that it is one of the most popular games in the Arab world and the rest of the countries of the world, as this electronic game simulates a game that is actually a dice table, and it is a beautiful application that will help you play this game easily

 The backgammon game is one of the most popular games in the Arab world, the Middle East, and even in some neighboring countries such as Turkey, because this game etched in the minds many beautiful memories with the people who played with them throughout their lives, in addition to the fact that the game is played on an impressive wooden table with high stunning appearance, as it has a lot of decoration and inscriptions that make it interesting to look at, and the colors chosen are dazzling and wonderful

 Each player has 15 chips and two dice

 Speaking of today's game, it is an semulator of Backgammon

 It is the same game, but on an electronic screen, where everyone who worked on this application sought to make this game very similar to reality and choose the same decorations on the table, and the shape is identical to the table in reality so that you do not feel that you are playing another game and in this way the designers were able to find a game that makes your memories refreshed and do not feel nostalgic for the past days because the game will remind you of all the memories without having to buy a table or go to the cafe, the application is available in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish

 Backgammon game features

This game is characterized by that you can play a round with the industrial electronic device through which you use the application, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone, and you can also play with another person on the same device, as it contains more than one game mode

 In the application there are different levels for the player, they range from simple to medium, then to the difficult and professional level, which you must be an experienced player in order to overcome it

 This application allows you to see all the rules of this game in addition to provide very nice interactive content

 The game is realistic and very similar to reality, so you cannot undo a move you have made, but you must continue and bear the mistake you made in the game

 This application has an easy and consistent interface

 You can play this game without the need for an internet connection

 You do not have to pay any fees, money or expenses to play this game because it is completely free

 Download the application
 You can download the application through the following link click here

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