Student Loan announced by the National Lending Fund

 In this article, we will discuss the student loan announced for the year 2023. If you are a university or institute student, this article is of great importance to you, so stay tuned

The student body always seeks to provide support and assistance to its students in Syria through laws that provide them with multiple services

One of the most important is the new law issued in 2023, which grants students a financial loan without interest, regardless of their university specialization

Official decision text
The National Lending Fund announces the personal loan for the year 2023-2024 and launches the registration links for this loan  through its official pages click here 
The loan includes (new students, successful students, transferred students) and includes two loans, which are
The first loan with a value of 600,000 Syrian pounds
The second loan with a value of 300,000 Syrian pounds

When does the application process start
Applications have already been received since the beginning of the current month until 16/11/2023, and the names of the accepted applicants will be announced at a later date

Features of the personal loan
The fees are paid within a one-month period
It is not subject to any financial fees or interest
One guarantor who is either a government employee or owns a commercial record is sufficient

Information about the application today
Graphing Calculator Plus, which provides a scientific calculator and a professional and simple loan calculator

Features of the application
User-friendly interface that provides a satisfying experience
All mathematical operations in one application
The ability to save and return to mathematical operations
The application does not require an internet connection
Easy copy and paste feature
The ability to display graphs easily and smoothly

Download link for the application 

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