Hidden Devices Detector App

 Do you feel at risk of surveillance and so on
Do you suspect any thefts occurring in your office or company
Here is the solution with today's application, "Hidden Devices Detector," which features the best technologies developed by experts and specialists to provide the best protection for every user

App description
This application detects the presence of any listening or monitoring device in your office through special sensor systems Therefore, your device needs to have a magnetic sensor for the application to work

App advantages
Anyone can download the application without any fees
It has a moderate size and does not occupy a large amount of memory
It has a user-friendly interface designed professionally for a better experience
This application may be a necessity for anyone to detect any theft attempts or exploitation through a precise security system
It provides complete protection against the breach of any privacy

Information about the application
Download size: 25.8 MB
Number of downloads exceeds 500,000
Last update date: 5/7/2022
Requires Android version 5.2 or higher

To download the application, use the following link click here

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