Alqima Book the most comprehensive medical encyclopedia

Medical chains are considered an essential part of the modern medical world, serving as a convergence point between scientific research, healthcare delivery, and medical services
These chains link various concepts, technologies, and specialties within the healthcare field, contributing significantly to the improvement of healthcare quality and the advancement of medical research
 In this article, we will provide an overview of medical chains and their importance in the progression of medical sciences

We mention some of the most famous medical references
Gray's Anatomy: This serves as a fundamental reference in the field of anatomy by providing the most comprehensive medical guide to the anatomy of the entire body, including organ functions

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine: This is the broadest and most important reference in internal medicine

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics: This reference is essential for practitioners in the field of medicine, offering information on diagnosis and treatment

As for today's application, it represents the most comprehensive medical encyclopedia in Arabic, called Alqima Book

The application covers all medical specialties and includes various medical analyses in different fields

The application has three tabs
Assessments and tests with English terms
A medical guide with explanations and information about all medical specialties
Information about medical analyses for diagnosing medical conditions

Application Features
The application is completely free
Comprehensive explanations for all medical analyses
Organized alphabetical sequence for quick access
User-friendly interface and organized, simple design

You can download the application through the following link click here
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