Lastest Update for “Waynin” app 2023

 In response to the economic crisis, the Syrian government has taken proactive steps to streamline the distribution of oil derivatives, encompassing gas, diesel, and gasoline, as well as vital commodities like sugar, rice, bread, and various essentials
These measures have been in effect since the onset of the crisis, addressing the discernible resource scarcity the nation faced
Notably, the discontinuation of gas production facilities and oil wells exacerbated the challenge, impacting the availability of diesel, gas, and gasoline

In order to tackle this dilemma, the implementation of an automated distribution approach becomes paramount
This approach is poised to optimize the distribution of gas, diesel, rice, sugar, and other essential supplies, facilitated through the renowned “Wayin” application
In this context, we are poised to unveil the latest iteration of the Wayin app for the year 2023, offering insight into its pivotal technological features and an overview of the materials slated for incorporation this year

The “Wayin” application is designed for all Syrians across Syria, without exception
It’s a specialized app aimed at automating the distribution of diesel, gas, essential supplies, and bread for every card and every family equally, following a policy of fair rotation and distribution

In this version, the herb “mate” will likely be added to the application as soon as possible, as indicated by a statement from the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection

Features of the Wayin Application
The application boasts several features, including but not limited to
Compact size, easy download, and compatibility with all mobile phones

 The app presents all cards under the user’s name, detailing the number of beneficiaries for each card

 You can use the app to locate nearby diesel stations with availability of diesel and gasoline, as well as the nearest authorized gas distributors

 The app allows you to submit complaints

 There’s a dedicated section for frequently asked questions and inquiries, with explanations and clarifications on various topics

 The app is free, accessible to everyone, and devoid of annoying ads

Technical Specifications of the Wayin Application
Download size: 4.89 megabytes

 Number of downloads: 1,000,000 downloads

 Operating System Requirements: Android 4.2 and later

Download via link below click here

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