Dates and its use in the month of Ramadan

 In the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from eating for a long period, from dawn until sunset, and this is considered a long period in which the body needs to compensate for the lack of food that it was exposed to throughout the fasting period. Therefore, many Muslims resort to eating the date fruit, which is considered one of the most integrated fruits in terms of  the nutritional value because it contains fiber, sugars, protein and other important nutrients such as electrolytes, and the date fruit is one of the most popular fruits in the holy month of Ramadan throughout the Islamic world

Where are dates produced largely
Date cultivation is generally subject to a relatively hot climate, as this situation dominates the desert areas that are mainly present in the continent of Asia and in the Middle East, where the country of Egypt is famous among the world countries in the production of dates and outperforms other countries significantly, as the country of Iran is one of the countries exporting dates in a large way, and it is possible that Iraq and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia be included in the list of the most producing countries of dates around the world because of the hot weather and desert nature that enables the growth of the date plant or date fruit

Nutritional contents of dates
100 g of dates is equivalent to 277 calories, as these calories are distributed over protein, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, and a little magnesium, potassium, and other mineral elements

The benefits of dates
Dates provide the fasting person with a great nutritional compensation that helps him maintain his concentration and good health after a long hiatus from food

Dates greatly benefit the digestive system in facilitating bowel movement and helping the fasting person to start eating without any constipation or disturbing digestive processes

Dates provide the best food for the brain because they contain carbohydrates, which are the main food for the brain

Excessive intake of dates and its harmfulness
Eating dates excessively leads to abdominal problems that lead to constipation, gas and diarrhea sometimes

Eating dates excessively leads to high blood sugar, which may cause the patient to have an uncontrolled rise in blood sugar, especially if he is a patient predisposed to diabetes

The presence of excessive carbohydrates causes them to transform into another form, which is fat, which leads to a significant increase in weight

Cookpad app
It is one of the applications that provides nutritional recipes suitable for the fasting person during the month of Ramadan, where he can use this application to cook delicious food that he will eat for breakfast or for the pre-dawn meal

 And items that enable you to eat delicious food properly without there being any problem during the preparation of food preparation, which provides you with nutritional benefit and pleasure in eating. It is a free application that works thanks to the software and its size is very small, not exceeding 13 MB

Download the application
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And here we have reached the end of the article. We have provided all the information that you want to know about dates, in addition to the Cookpad application, where we introduced you to it and you can download it to get delicious meals

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