You can get the best medical training in the Full Code application

 Many students are interested in accessing many important information in the field of medicine, as a number of applications provide a set of important information that is found on the Internet or in medical references, and then it is collected thanks to modern software on applications so that all students in the Faculty of Medicine can benefit from it

Today, we will present one of these applications that help to know medical information by presenting a unique training program, which is the Full Code application, a wonderful application that can be used in dealing with patients and other people who need preventive medicine through a training program that helps all medical students overcome obstacles  in diagnosing diseases

Full Code
This application is classified as one of the simulated applications that provides a set of important and distinctive information for students so that they can know how to put differential diagnoses so that they can learn about the disease directly and accurately using the international medical protocol that begins with clinical questioning and then with clinical examination and then moves to signs and then to  Laboratory examination and radiological examination, in addition to asking about personal matters, medical, surgical, allergic, and family history, and many other information that every student can benefit from directly through the application

Pros of the application
There are all diseases that affect humans within the application, so that the student, after he finishes using the application, can learn about all the diseases in the body

The application is linked to universities on a global level, so it can be classified as a semi-official application for the reason of dealing with other professional universities

You can use the application for free, and you do not need to pay any amount of money, as the applications are Android devices, and its size is suitable for all mobiles

You can download this app from this direct link click here
So all you need in one application, clinical examination, laboratory and radiologixcal examination and many benefits for you

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