The best way to hide your number when contacting other people

 Some people are interested in hiding their numbers when they contact other people, because they want to keep their identity secret and talk to others without knowing his identity, desiring not to disclose who he is to make an important call with dangerous or very private content

In today's article, we will present the best way to hide the number when calling another person so that the other part shows me that a private or unknown number is calling him

 Below we will provide you with methods that help you hide your numbers when calling another person

Hide the number with codes
You can use some codes that contribute to hiding your number when calling another person, as you will have to put these numbers as the prefix of the number you want to make the call with, then put the number and call, and then it will appear to the caller that you are calling him with an unknown number, but these codes do not work in all countries

The most famous codes used to hide numbers
Code *67#
Code *37#
Code #37#

Hide the number using applications
There are a group of applications that can hide numbers when you call another person and the number appears unknown. We chose the number of one of these applications that will help you greatly

 Advantages of the application
This application does its job, which is to hide the number you are calling from

The application keeps your number confidential, so you can enjoy high security and privacy

 You can hide the number from the people you want, but at the same time you can also exclude other contacts

The application is free and you can use it without the Internet

It is considered one of the light-sized applications that do not constitute any overload on the mobile 

Download the application from this link

Some people reach for other information such as the golden number or the call code that pertains to the country, and these matters are considered private things in every country, Syria has the number 963

As for the golden number, it is a number with distinctive characteristics, as it has wonderful numbers ranging between zeros and ones, or repeating numbers that allow you to save the number easily and easily access it

As we have seen, there are several ways that help hide the number from which you are calling, such as using codes, which is the easiest way, but it is not available in all Arab countries
Numbers can also be hidden using applications that provide you with this service, and then we explained the definition of golden numbers and what is the call symbol for each country

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