Tell me text to speech application to convert written texts into audio

 The field of transliteration from writing is considered one of the fields that constitute a source of income on the Internet and helps greatly to accomplish various and multiple tasks that ultimately lead to obtaining a distinguished amount of money that secures a good monthly income so that a person can face the costly financial and economic burdens that most countries go through

Today, in our article, we will present to you a very distinguished application in the field of converting written texts into audible sounds, as this application converts text into sound without incurring any trouble and easily and requires only a light connection on the Internet. It is the Tell me text to speech application, which can convert software  Modern and artificial intelligence to distinct tools that allow him to transfer written text to audio text

Application details
It is an application that allows written texts to be converted into clear audio clips that can be recorded in all languages, as the application is considered comprehensive and diverse, and it can be considered an educational application, as it is able to teach children how to pronounce the written words correctly, in addition to the possibility of using it to work in transcription and many other things

Advantages of the application
The languages ​​within the application vary, as there are most of the world's widespread languages

You can control the speed of the existing speech so that you can understand the written speech

You can download the clip in mp3 format

You can also convert the text into a man's voice or into a woman's voice

The application has an easy and simple interface that is devoid of complications

The size of the application is suitable for all devices and is not considered large in size

You can download the application for free without paying financial expenses or fees

Download the application
You can download it through this link 

It's a good idea to convert written texts int voices, try it and tell us your opinion

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