Prognosis application to identify all important diseases and clinical problems

 A large number of students in the Faculty of Medicine are interested in knowing the best methods and means that enable them to access the distinctive diagnostic skills, and they seek to know a number of applications that enable them to find the best important information that helps in diagnosing various diseases and identifying the disease mechanism, treatment and prevention from it

Today we will present to you an application that can perform all important medical tasks by following the unified medical protocol that is based on looking behind the disease, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, clinical signs, complementary laboratory and radiological investigations, etc. All of this is more present in the wonderful Prognosis application that uses modern software to organize all departments existing in the application, such as the section that looks at diseases, the surgery section, the investigations section, and others

This application is considered one of the best applications in the field of medical clinical diseases, because it presents an integrated set of different diseases and clinical conditions, so that when downloading the application, the student can study through the application easily and simply, and first begins to investigate the problems that exist in patients by questioning them, and then performs a clinical examination, and then he needs to some complementary examinations in order to establish a final diagnosis and then provide treatment and give the patient some preventive information that will help him not to repeat the health problem that he was exposed to, and thus the application will be presented with a wide range of education and medical protocol

Application features
If the experience within the application depends on more than 200 doctors who follow with a large number of specialties, up to 33 specialties

To all the information contained in the application, it is constantly updated so that you get all the important medical information related to clinical investigations and medical diagnoses in its latest release

You can get the application for free without paying any money

The size of the application is good and fits all devices, and you do not need to empty the space in order to be able to download it

Download the application
Via the following link click here
Increase your ability in diagnoses and be a professional doctor

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