Gray's Anatomy- Anatomy Atlas

 Students are generally interested in obtaining a set of distinctive anatomical information that enables each person to acquire skills and information related to anatomy and the distinct organs in the autonomic body that play some different roles from each other

Today we will present to you an application that helps greatly in learning anatomical information and the different locations of each organ of the body through the application that represents one of the distinguished reviews, which is Gray's Anatomy- Anatomy Atlas, and it is one of the applications that supports modern software

Gray's Anatomy- Anatomy Atlas
The application provides all the important information related to the anatomical locations of the organs in the body, especially the nervous, digestive, vasculature, skeletal and muscular systems. It also provides some other important information related to first aid and the Glasgow ladder of consciousness, as these matters are among the basic things that every health care provider must know

Application features
The application provides all the important anatomical information without the need to connect to the Internet

The application can help you navigate between images from an anatomical organ to another adjacent anatomical organ

When using the application, it is possible to enlarge and reduce the images included in it

The information within the application is not limited to anatomical information, but also goes beyond that to some other information, such as the medical anatomy dictionary, which presents all anatomical words in Arabic and English, in addition to the possibility of using the application in a distinct way that allows you to deal with first aid, diabetes, and other diseases

You can download the application for free without paying any amount of money, and it is also considered one of the appropriate sizes for the devices and does not require an Internet connection

Download the application
Via this direct link click here
Get anatomical information,first aid and many other things in this application

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