A group of applications that play some pranks in the family

 A large number of people like to do some pranks that lead as a result to reaching the spread of fun and entertainment in the house and extinguishing a wonderful atmosphere of joy for people by changing the sound or doing some small things that lead to the rhythm of some people in a funny situation

And a large number of people download prank applications from electronic stores in order to obtain fun and laughter, especially in spare times when the family members are fully together, and then one person can perform a prank on another person and spread laughter in the session

Firstly. The voices of girls pranks
It is one of the applications that converts voices into the voice of girls, where the young man can speak, and then his voice is converted into the voice of a girl, and then this application can be used to laugh at the sound
Download it click here

secondly.  Voice changer with effects
It is an application that specializes in the field of editing audio clips, where you can record your voice with the sound of the calm sea, the sound of powerful beasts, or even with the sounds of wars, and thus it seems as if you are in the heart of the event, which enables you to create funny and entertaining content at the same time
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Third.  Some fake calls with the voices of girls
This application presents a set of voice calls that can be made by using some electronic voices that simulate the voices of girls in different Arabic dialects
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Fourthly. Children's police application, without the net
This application is widely used to relieve children who do not want to hear orders by calling the police imaginary, as children's police are considered one of the oldest entertaining methods used by adults to scare children and make them abide by orders and hear their words
Download it click here  
In the end, we presented you with four applications that help you spread fun, entertainment and laughter in family sessions, which are various and different applications and aim to provide entertainment for people of various degrees, depending on advanced software

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