Skin anatomy App is a complete study of the skin

 We have the largest organs of the body in area and size is the human skin, but as an organ it is not considered thick, so people classify it as small, but because of the large and wide area that it covers, it is considered the largest and most massive organ in humans
  A group of accessories such as glands, hair and other receptors

Since many students find it difficult to study the skin , we decided to talk today about the application of skin anatomy, which will help all students to understand the anatomical position of the skin and its appendices and how it is distributed on the body, especially in the areas of the thighs, such as the armpit and groin

skin anatomy
The skin anatomy application works based on a set of distinct technologies and software, which allows it to be one of the leading applications in the field of education related to the skin as heat, cold and pressure receptors

Application features
The application has all the features found in any anatomical application, such as zooming in and out, rotating the image, and obtaining a close-up or a far-away image

There are all research tools in the application that are easy to use, in addition to having a simple, easy and uncomplicated interface at all

If the application enjoys additional features such as pronouncing the anatomical cutaneous words in the English language, it also explains them in a distinct way that allows you to understand all the information contained in it 

The application of skin anatomy contains three-dimensional images that you hear by obtaining certain fantasies of some anatomical elements in the skin, and you can see these elements from various angles, which gives your mind an idea of ​​the mechanism where these anatomical components are placed

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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