Red Book application we learn about all children's diseases

 Many specialists in the field of children are interested in knowing all the diseases that affect young people, whether they are newborns or children between the ages of two and five years, or even older children in the pre-puberty stage, but doctors suffer with children who are younger than three or four years because they  can't get up, and they can't express the pain they're feeling except by crying

Today's application is the ideal and appropriate application for all doctors who are looking for an encyclopedia that collects for them all diseases that frequently affect children or even rare diseases. The application that we will talk about today provides all the important information related to various children's diseases. It is the Red Book application

Red Book
This application helps all doctors and specialists in the field of pediatric diseases to reach all correct diagnoses of diseases in order to achieve the correct medical process and the protocol followed to reach the correct clinical diagnosis, as this application is considered parallel to a book bearing the same name as the application and both the application and the book provide medical information related to children, as this book is highly approved by doctors, specialists, and the medical board in the United States of America

Pros of the application
 The application provides all information related to vaccines and the vaccination schedule that parents must adhere to in order to be able to protect their son from communicable and infectious diseases

The application has many important images that help to reach the diagnosis, as the number of images is 2500 images that carry a set of clinical signs and tools that help the doctor to reach the correct diagnosis

The application contains educational information related to influenza, how to prevent it, and urges to take annual vaccinations

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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