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 Many engineering students are interested in accessing wonderful applications that help them study in their difficult field, so they are interested in searching for the best distinguished applications in the fields of engineering so that they can increase their degree in the university and be among the outstanding students and become successful engineers with bright names in the future

Today, we will talk about one of the distinguished applications that helps all engineering students to reach their goals easily and skillfully, because it is one of the wonderful applications that depend on software in its work, in addition to containing all the different engineering faculties, which we will mention to you successively in the article. It is the application of Engineering books

Engineering books
It is an application that contains all the important information that benefits engineering students in all different branches. It is considered a lightweight and completely free application so that all engineering students can benefit from it. The application includes many engineering disciplines such as

Aeronautical, computer, social, civil, environmental, and biomedical engineering, in addition to electrical and genetic engineering, petroleum engineering, architecture, software, acoustics, and structural engineering, all of which are important specializations that help reach a higher scientific level for the planet

The application has many advantages, including
The application is characterized by the presence of correct scientific content because it has been documented and audited by many experts

The application enjoys free content for all people, and everyone who studies engineering can benefit greatly from it

The application is free of all annoying advertisements that hinder the work of engineers using it

 The application includes all important engineering books and references that benefit all engineering disciplines

Download the application
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