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 Many users of mobile devices suffer from a lack of storage space in the devices, so they are sometimes forced to delete a lot of programs, photos and videos in order to provide free space in the device and they can use their mobile phones without any problems or slowness in performing tasks, and some other users have other problems related to their possession of files in formats other than  It is on the mobile phone and they need to decompress it so that they can get the files and can read or install them if the file is an application

Today, we will talk about one of the applications that help solve this problem simply and easily, and it is an application that is able to decompress and compress files or compress them to reduce the space consumed by applications and large files, and thus this application will enable you to obtain a large space in your device to be used easily and freely and improves the performance of the devic

 Comicscreen- PDF ComicReader is a distinctive application that all people, regardless of their educational level, can use

Comicscreen- PDF ComicReader
It is one of the wonderful and distinctive applications that work to reduce the space consumed by programs and huge files in your device, and it also decompresses the files that you received from the other hand, where some people send you an application or images and compressed files, because they cannot be transmitted easily with their large size, so they are sent to you in the form of  compressed file, and then you must decompress it so that you can get what is contained within these compressed files and the application uses modern software in its work because it is forced to use some specific algorithms that enable it to change the suffix of the application to change its size

The application has many advantages, most notably
 The application is free and you can obtain it without defending any sums of money, fees or subscriptions

The application has the ability to convert files into compressed files or vice versa, and it is one of the best features that the application performs, as there are many different formats of compressed files and it is able to read them all

It is impossible for the size of the application to be large, as it works to reduce the size used by you to reduce the burden on your device, so it will certainly not be one of the huge applications

 This application supports all Android devices

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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