Get the Brunei Government Scholarship for the year 2023

 Many students want to obtain scholarships outside the country in order to complete their studies, whether with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, because advanced certificates help greatly in finding jobs with higher salaries, income, and greater returns, and a large part of students are interested in obtaining scholarships outside the country, because studies abroad provide greater experiences and higher quality information than studying in their country, which makes them come into contact with different cultures and gain a good education in addition to knowing different societies

Today, we will talk about the Brunei scholarship offered to students who wish to complete their studies with fluids to study a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree
 The state of Brunei is located in Southeast Asia in an attractive and beautiful tourist area, where the country called Dar es Salaam is divided into two main regions, where the territory of the state of Brunei is divided into two parts, because of the presence of the Malaysian city of Lampang, and the state of Brunei contains a large percentage of Muslims, which makes studying Arabs in the state of Brunei much easier than in European and foreign countries

What are the details of the Brunei scholarship 2023
The state of Brunei is one of the countries that offer paid scholarships and the costs are fully covered, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs guarantees the payment of all financial amounts incurred by the students, and it is characterized by not needing any language level such as English or German and other languages ​​that are required in all countries of the world. There are projects related to the bachelor’s degree in the scholarship , masters and diploma as well

Grant advantages
 The scholarship is fully funded by the university and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brunei

She works to teach all the information in the university in the Arabic language, as it is very suitable for Arab students

It enjoys a distinct Islamic environment, so Muslim students can adapt in it

The scholarship does not require the student to possess foreign language certificates such as TOEFL and IELTS

The scholarship includes all the various academic disciplines

Application is available to all Arab countries

The government provides a monthly salary of 500 dollars and takes care of accommodation, books and everything you need in the country

Universities participating in the scholarship
University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD)

 Brunei University of Technology (UTB)

Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UNISSA)

Brunei Polytechnic (PB)

Apply for the scholarship
There are some conditions that must be met by a person when he wants to apply for the scholarship. It is not possible for the applicant for a bachelor’s scholarship to be over 25 or over 35 for a master’s student. Below we will provide you with a link to apply for the scholarship click here 

Today's application
As for the application that we will talk about today, it is an application suitable for students who want to study in Brunei, and it is the application of the muezzin. Given that all students who go to Brunei are from the Muslim community, they will definitely need the application of the muezzin

It is a comprehensive and integrated Islamic application that helps to provide all prayer times, dhikr, supplications, and basic rules in the Islamic religion
 It can also provide you with all the religious information that you need in travel, abroad, and other important matters
  Pray correctly and accurately, and it is a free application that is suitable for all devices

You can download the application through the following link click here
Don't leave this opportunity,change your future 

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