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If you love adventure, fighting and action games and you cannot download a lot of games because of their large size and the incompatibility of their size with the device you are using, then in today’s article we have brought you a fighting game that does not need large spaces to download and with a distinctive and professional interface, which is the game Extra Lives as it is one of the most famous games for this  year, so please continue reading the article to provide you with the most important details of this unique game

Extra Lives game
In this amazing game, you will find yourself on the battlefield fighting many enemies, in this game you will try to fight to defend yourself, preserve your life, and exploit all the attempts you have, as there are eight groups in the game, and from these groups you will form your own group and fight with your army that you formed  against other armies
  And you can win by eliminating all your enemies that you fought, it's a breathtaking game

Game features
The game has a beautiful and enthusiastic soundtrack that makes you want to continue playing for as long as possible

 This game is divided into several levels, so it moves from easy to difficult gradually

You do not need to pay any fees when downloading it or when playing with it, as all the equipment in it is free, meaning that it is a completely free game

This game can be downloaded on different types of devices

You do not need to provide large spaces to download it, as it is a medium-sized game

This game has an amazing user interface that makes you want to play from the first moment you see it

Download the application
Via the following link click here
Download the exciting fighting game now Extra Lives Download the exciting fighting game now Extra Lives Reviewed by Doctor on February 02, 2023 Rating: 5

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