Criminal case investigation game

Many people seek access to games related to crimes, exposing criminals, access to justice and the truth, so they are looking for games in which the required specifications are present, such as the presence of corpses, a criminal, investigators, and forensic doctors

Today, we will present to you one of the old distinguished games that everyone knows, and it is a game that was previously available on the Facebook application, and now it is available in the form of a standalone game in the Google Play Store. It is a game related to murder cases, detecting criminals, and achieving justice.  It helps to know all the issues related to the crime as it is a criminal case game

criminal case
It is one of the games through which you can know the criminal who committed the murder, which occurs sequentially in the form of stages, where each person in this game plays an important role, where in the beginning there is a victim, and there is a murderer and several suspects, and you will be the investigator who will reveal crime cases and the confusion related to them, and then you will need a forensic doctor and a lawyer, in addition to seeking help from those with scientific degrees in areas related to the law in order to reveal the criminal in the end and win the game

The game has a number of advantages, such as
You can get the application for free without paying any sums of money, fees or installments

 The size of the application is good and fits all devices and does not need to delete any other application in order to be able to download it

The game needs an internet connection to play it, but it is a game full of excitement and fun

The difficulty level varies from stage to stage, and the game is suitable for all levels, from easy to difficult

Download the game
You can download it through the following link click here 
and enjoy your time by doing the investigator role 

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