The Spleen VR app to learn more about the 3D anatomical view of the spleen

 Students in the College of Human Medicine are interested in learning about the shape of the spleen in three dimensions and looking at its contents inside, because they cannot know what the spleen looks like from the inside except through some worn-out corpses or anatomical references that provide two-dimensional images, so they are looking for a way to help them explore the spleen from  inside and its contents

Even in surgical operations, they cannot distinguish the contents of the spleen from the inside, given that the spleen is one of the elements that enjoys great perfusion, as the amount of blood in the spleen corresponds to a very large percentage of the blood that flows in the body
 Therefore, we found that we present a distinguished application to help all students explore the spleen from  the inside and knowledge of the three-dimensional structure of the spleen, and you can explore all the three-dimensional anatomical parts inside the spleen, including blocks, trabeculae and networks, through the Spleen VR application

The Spleen VR application 
The application helps to provide all the distinctive three-dimensional anatomical images that enable you to know the three-dimensional anatomical parts located inside the spleen and to know the reasons for the functions it performs and to explore all the blood pockets that are considered a cemetery for damaged and expired red blood cells

Pros of the application
Today's application offers spleen anatomy for free and without any sums or financial fees

The size of this application is also considered small and suitable for all devices, and you will not have to separate any space until you get the application

The application was developed based on advanced software provided for the great benefit of both students and professors in anatomy to help them refresh their memory and remind them of all the distinct anatomical structures found in the spleen

Download the application
Via the following link click here

The Spleen VR app to learn more about the 3D anatomical view of the spleen The Spleen VR app to learn more about the 3D anatomical view of the spleen Reviewed by Doctor on January 25, 2023 Rating: 5

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