The most famous 6000 words in English

 The English language is the language of money, business, and various academic degrees, as you cannot go to any country in the world without being asked to learn and speak English because all the work that you can get requires that you be professional and proficient in the English language

The language in general consists of grammar and words

 The grammar does not take long to master it for two reasons
The first reason is that the English language has simple and easy rules

 The second reason is that there are not many rules in the English language
The problem is always with the words in the English language, as there are many difficult words that people cannot understand or pronounce properly

Today we will talk about one of the applications that is able to teach you 6000 new and important English words in the language, and it will benefit you in enriching your knowledge and the linguistic stock that you enjoy in your imagination so that you can master the English language and use it in various fields of life, all through the application of 6000 English words

6,000 English words app
The content of the application does not differ from its name, as it offers the most famous 6000 English words in the language, and that depends on the words that you need in the various practical fields and in public life
You will need most of these words in case you want to work in any field, whether it is in engineering, commerce or  rights, or even if you enter the world of software, artificial intelligence, websites, or whatever field you work in

Pros of the application
This application is of great benefit to many students who do not speak English and do not know much about it, as it can start with them from level zero

This application greatly benefits Arabic speakers because it provides an explanation of each word in English and then provides you with its meaning in classical Arabic and also provides you with the correct pronunciation of the word in English so that you can learn the word, its meaning and how to pronounce it

The application relies on reliable and confirmed sources of the English language, so there can be no incorrect word or a meaning different from the meaning in which it was mentioned in the application, so you can use it while you are sure of the validity of these words and the possibility of learning more correct and reliable words

The application is distinguished by the presence of a set of software placed within the application in order to help you memorize 6000 words
 There is also the ability to determine the level
You can know what your level is in the English language when you perform an examination within the application so that you start from the level you are in

Download the application
Via the following link click here 

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