The latest version of the game Clash of Clans for Android

It is not possible for you to have gone through adolescence without playing this beautiful game, especially since it has achieved great fame in the past period, and its fame has reached all countries of the Arab world, male and female
 We will talk today in our article about this beautiful game, which was the number one in terms of  the fame

clash of clans game
It is a game of a strategic nature and means in the Arabic language the struggle of clans, as it was circulated by many people of the Arab world in a period close to 2015

 The principle of the game is based on owning a village that you work on developing and improving the resources within it so that with this money you can buy armies that fight other clans

  The idea of ​​the strategic game is based on two principles

The first principle is to develop your village, increase the resources within it, and build camps for the armies

As for the second principle, it depends on attacking other tribes and strengthening your army so that you attack opponents by placing your army on the outskirts of his village and avoiding his defenses so that you can reach the center of the village and destroy it

Application features
This game is one of the most exciting and adventurous games because of its challenging nature

This game is free and there are no additional amounts or fees that you must pay in order to get the game

This game teaches you a lot about military and economic strategies, management and planning

In this game there are a lot of variables that will eliminate boredom in your life and you will not get tired of playing this game until you win over all the other kingdoms

This game requires an internet connection to be able to play it

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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