Learn English by applying Picture Dictionary English

 The English language is considered one of the best and most accessible languages ​​in the world, as a person can learn it in a short time, and at the same time, English has become the language of the world, as no person who lives in a country can only know some English words at least, so the English language has become a language of science  Software, medicine, law, accounting and other sciences

And since the English language is the first language in the world, which all students must learn, we have dedicated to you today a special application for learning the English language and all the rules and words through a number of pictures and drawings through the Picture Dictionary English application

Picture Dictionary English app
This application is considered one of the most important dictionaries of the English language that contains a set of graphics and images of high accuracy and quality, and this application has become very famous and is widely circulated because it has useful linguistic content

Application contents
This application is a dictionary that contains more than 15,000 English words with translation and an image that indicates the meaning of the word in addition to an audio clip that is pronounced correctly, and thus you can surround the English word in all audible and visual aspects

In addition to the presence of a group of educational courses that provide some of the basics in the language, such as definition, welcome, words for means of transportation, school, at the doctor, in restaurants, and many other things that every learner of the English language must know

Application features
This application benefits all learners of the English language, but it is considered very effective for beginners, because it starts with them from the first level without them feeling any difficulties or obstacles facing their way in learning the language

 You can download this application for free, because there are no additional fees or amounts, and the application works on all devices

This application does not contain any advertisements and does not require any internet connection

Download the application
Via the following link click here

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