ENT Atlas & Guide application to learn all diseases of the ear, nose and throat

 Many children suffer from diseases related to the ear, nose and throat, and their parents do not recognize the disease until after they visit the doctor
 Therefore, there must be any means that help the parents to identify the different ear diseases so that they can go to the correct medical center at the beginning or know what are the means used to alleviate the condition  which their child suffers from, and this is the goal of having applications managed by modern software

Today, we will talk about one of the distinguished applications that helps all people to know about ear, nose and throat diseases that affect them or their children by extrapolating a group of symptoms and clinical signs characteristic of these diseases
 It is the ENT Atlas & Guide application

ENT Atlas & Guide
This application presents a group of diseases related to the nose, ear, and throat, and explains some of the causes that lead to infection with these diseases, in addition to presenting a set of clinical symptoms and signs that indicate a specific disease to differentiate it from other diseases
 Therefore, this application is considered one of the best applications related to nasal injuries and ear and throat

Contents of the ENT Atlas & Guide app
This application divides diseases that affect the nose, ear, and throat into several classifications related to the pathogens of this disease
 For example, we have the congenital cause with which a person is born, in addition to the presence of infectious diseases resulting from infection, and there are other metabolic or genetic causes that lead to a problem in the nose, ear and throat and lead to the occurrence of a certain disease

Pros of the application
 The application presents a lot of clinical stories related to diseases of the nose, ear, and throat without neglecting any real disease, as it works to bring all the information from the references and put it in a way that helps to learn it within the application

The application provides a way to help memorize and study by having a set of simple pictures and drawings that pertain to each of the diseases of the nose, ear and throat

 The application provides the best therapeutic methods in terms of dealing with diseases of the nose, ear and throat, as it seeks to develop a set of medical prescriptions, which are considered educational prescriptions and cannot be used by patients

 You can use this application for free without paying any amounts or fees, and the application is light in size and suitable for all devices that operate on the Android system

Download the application
Via the following link click here

ENT Atlas & Guide application to learn all diseases of the ear, nose and throat ENT Atlas & Guide application to learn all diseases of the ear, nose and throat Reviewed by Doctor on January 20, 2023 Rating: 5

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